Translation status

Quark is available in multiple languages, with more being added all the time. The language that Quark uses is determined by the language set in the server that Quark is in. If you want to change the language that Quark uses, you can do so by running the language command or visiting the settings page on the dashboard for your server.

Languages are maintained by the community, and if you would like to contribute to a language or add a new language, you can do so by visiting the Quark language repository!

Huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the translations so far!


  • ThatKev (@thatkev)
  • Impulse (@impulsase14)
  • neya! (@everygoddamnusernameistaken)
  • You??????

Supported Languages

  • English, UK
  • English, US
  • Turkish (Türkçe)
  • Polish (Polski)
  • Dutch (Nederlands)
  • Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
  • Piratespeak, The Seven Seas
If a language is not fully translated, parts which are not fully translated will default back to English, US